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I'm interested in coming back, but I don't have my 100 hours. What can I do?

We get it! In the age of COVID and social distancing, some community service locations have limited hours of operations and how many people can get involved. The good news is, if you have been unable to earn your 100 hours yet, there's still time, and there are ways to do so safely!

- For every four cans of food you donate to a food shelter or pantry, you can earn ONE HOUR.

- For every $25 Walmart gift card you get donated to HOBY, you earn FIVE HOURS.


- For every alumni from your school that you can provide updated contact information, you earn ONE HOUR. Email Cathy (consultant @ to get started!


- For every community service location you can list in your local area not already on our list, you earn ONE HOUR. Email Mary Parker (communityservice @ to find out more! 

Do I have to complete my 100 hours before I submit my application?

You do not! You should have most of your hours completed and submitted through the HOBY Leadership For Service site, but you do not have to have the full 100 hours in until June 1.

Since MS HOBY will be virtual, what does that look like for junior staff?

For 2020 Mississippi HOBY Alumni, the virtual seminar will be very similar to your seminar, with some improvements!

The entirety of the seminar will take place in Zoom, with all ambassadors, volunteers, and speakers operating together. During the two-day seminar, a good portion of time will be spent in breakout rooms as Group Time.

As a volunteer, your junior staff role will be more as a junior facilitator. You will be assigned to a group with one or more facilitator (a volunteer 21 or older) who will act as the group leader. During the group times, you will assist the facilitator as needed and provide your opinions and help to the ambassadors.

The Junior Staff will also have some fun side-projects, all of which will be done independently before the seminar date.

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