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High school students throughout the United States participate in local HOBY programs, including alumni service projects and excursions, and over 70 weekend HOBY Leadership Seminars conducted each spring. These local HOBY programs are coordinated by over 4,000 volunteers, committed to making a difference for the youth of their state.  

The Mississippi HOBY Leadership Seminar would not happen without our volunteers.  From our Corporate Board to our Junior Staff, there are a variety of ways for you to participate and make a difference:

  • Lead students in their understanding of the seminar material as a Facilitator.

  • Organize and prepare for the seminar as a member of Senior Staff.

  • Provide support and excitement to the seminar as a Junior Staff member.

  • Give oversight and guidance as a member of our Corporate Board. 

  • Recruit schools and students to participate. 

  • Spearhead fundraising efforts. 

  • Arrange for speakers to present during the seminar. 


Contact Mississippi HOBY today for more information on how you can become a volunteer!

For first-time junior staff applications, please click here.

For returning junior staff applications, please click here.

For facilitator applications, please click here.

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