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Log Your Hours

After every seminar, alumni are challenged to complete and log 100 Leadership for Service (L4S) Hours in the subsequent years following the seminar. In 1998, HOBY’s L4S program was created exclusively for HOBY alumni. L4S is changing the lives and enhancing the quality of life in their communities. L4S is specifically designed to raise the public's awareness of young people as a resource for community problem-solving, and develop the capacity of individuals, organizations, and institutions to provide meaningful service and leadership opportunities for youth. Alumni who want to return as a member of Junior Staff must complete and log their 100 hours every year. 

But L4S can help more than your Junior Staff application. The service hours you record in the L4S can be printed and used as an appendix

for college, scholarship, and internship applications, and other opportunities where alumni are asked to demonstrate their lifelong commitment to service.

More information about L4S can be found here

Click here to log your hours.

Having trouble logging your hours? Click here for FAQ.

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